Akademi Bateriku

Train The Trainer Program At Akademi Bateriku​

Bateriku Salesman Aimar Abu Bakar

I am currently working in the sales department and had the opportunity to attend the Train the Trainer (TTT) course hosted by Akademi Bateriku. Upon graduation, I will be receiving the HRDC Certificate which will enable me to represent Bateriku.com in providing relevant training courses.

The course covered effective ways to interact with customers. In sales, understanding and responding to customer needs is crucial. The course taught me how to better understand customer perspectives and tailor my communication to different situations. This skill is invaluable for improving customer interactions and increasing sales success.

In the fast-paced sales environment, being able to quickly adjust to meet different customer needs is a vital skill. This flexibility in communication will help me to close sales faster.

I am confident that the improved training and communication skills will not only benefit our internal team but also enhance our interactions with customers.

The TTT course by Akademi Bateriku has been a valuable experience. It has equipped me with practical skills that are directly applicable to my role in sales, giving me a new perspective on training and customer service that is crucial for success in the competitive sales field.