Akademi Bateriku

EV & Hybrid Training at Akademi Bateriku

EV & Training Program at Akademi Bateriku Mohd Yazid Rasad, from BHero to BPrenuer Being one of the first BHero and subsequently BPreneur of Bateriku.com, I had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Hybrid & EV’ training program conducted by Akademi Bateriku. As a business owner, this experience has enabled me to expand my customer […]

Train The Trainer Program at Akademi Bateriku​

Train The Trainer Program At Akademi Bateriku​ Bateriku Salesman Aimar Abu Bakar I am currently working in the sales department and had the opportunity to attend the Train the Trainer (TTT) course hosted by Akademi Bateriku. Upon graduation, I will be receiving the HRDC Certificate which will enable me to represent Bateriku.com in providing relevant […]